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What Is Water White Glass?

Clear Glass

Different types of glass are used these days depending on the setting they are employed in. The level of transparency required in these situations varies, and so does the nature of how light is filtered or split when it passes through the glass. Water white glass is one of the types, which is preferred for the transparency it offers.

Also called Low Iron glass or Starphire Glass, this glass has most of its iron oxide removed to achieve the optical effect. This type is more or less on the same level as clear float glass when it comes to transparency achieved. In fact, the two need to be checked against a colored background so you can tell them apart.

The characteristics of water white glass

The reeducation of iron using modern methods allows better light transmission, and removes the green tinge in the light passing through clear glass. This is only apparent when you look in at the edge. When the regular float glass is of greater thickness, the tint gets to be more noticeable. What you get in the end is really clear glass.

What are the applications?

You can use this type of glass in place of clear float glass. It is possible to laminate and even toughen it, using the same treatments as with clear glass. People do this to get enhanced clarity, and most times it is preferred by designers and architects. The green tinge in the glass is something that is commonly preferred to be left out, especially in light colored painted splash backs.

With water white glass, you are assured of high light transmission and a bright surface. This is what makes it good in many places, especially in colored glass applications, and also in frameless installations. The latter are used even in homes these days, such as on shower doors.

Low Iron Glass

Benefits of water white glass

Highly reduced green tinge, which removes color distortion, which is common in clear float glass. When you use this in splash backs, there is a more accurate matching of color, which is visually optimal. Also enhanced is the external viewing, which lets the glass allow the highest degree of visible light.

That was some information on Water white glass, and where and why it is used usually as an improvement over clear float glass. Check out more posts to learn further details on this and other types of glass produced industrially.


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