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How Non Reflective Glass Differs From Reflective Glass

Reflection Control Glass

To know what anti reflective glass are, you must know the basic differences between reflective glass and non reflective glass. Anti reflective glass is non-glare in nature. They have been built with reflection control properties. When light is shot on a non reflection control glass from outside, the light reflected will be very less. Inspecting how light is transmitted through a reflection control glass to the artwork will explain how it behave in certain situations.

Take for instance, the use of reflection control glass in a movie theater setting. Here the glass determines the quality of the visual projection. This is because the quality of the visuals depends upon the type of port window glass in use. When a movie is projected, the reflection control glass projects the lights to the screen in a better way, and enhances clarity of the image displayed.

Use of non reflective glass

Reflection control glasses have got a lot of applications. They are used in places where reflective glass cannot give proper results. As compared to reflective glasses, the surface of non reflective glass is smooth. Consequently, they are able to diffuse hot spots and make the viewing better.

Anti Reflective Glass

There are two different methods for diffusing light. These methods are called ‘on the glass reflection control’ and ‘in the glass reflection control’. When ‘on the glass reflection control’ method is being used, a very thin layer of material is applied on the glass in order to diffuse the light. In the context of ‘in the glass reflection control’ method, a certain type of acid is etched on the glass for the light diffusion. When the acid is etched on the glass, the light is diffused with the help of microscopic irregular surface.

Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, you must choose a glass based on its durability and the cost. Keep in mind that non-glare coating of is not easily removed. Oftentimes, removal of the coating needs to be performed with independent methods.

Both reflective and non reflective glass are made commercially and there is a huge market for them today. Before you invest in either type, be certain to have a clear understanding about their differences.


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