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Enhance productivity by increasing natural light

Optical solutions including Opti-Clear & Beam Splitter Glass

The tempering process strengthens glass four to five times the strength of regular glass. Tempering glass combines strength, security & safety. If broken the glass shatters into many small, dull pieces of glass rather than sharp and jagged, potentially harmful pieces of glass. Our tempering process meets or exceeds the safety codes of both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z97.1 as well as the Consumer Products Safety Commission (16 CFR 1201)


The laminating process strengthens the glass by using a PVB interlayer in between the two sheets of glass. This process makes for a single sheet of extremely durable, securitized and efficient piece of glass. In the rare event the glass breaks, the laminating effect will keep the glass from shattering, vis-à-vis a car windshield. The laminating process can be used as an alternative to tempering.


Sizing to specifications is a must when dealing with all projects. Our extreme sizing capabilities allow for the fulfillment of both regular & irregular orders. In the event that you need guidance on sizing for your particular application, our qualified team will be happy to answer any questions.


We understand the need to complete projects in a timely manner. Over our 30+ years of operations, we have mastered the art of shipping glass, both nationally and internationally. Shippers are chosen based on the most economical cost and most efficient delivery time. Ensuring a streamlined delivery is of the utmost importance to us. Our facilities are equipped for a quick turnaround as required. Rush orders are available for a 24-hour turnaround*

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