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Technical Facts About Hydrophobic Glass And Its Coating

Use Of Hydrophobic Glass

Use Of Hydrophobic Glass

Most people might not be familiar with hydrophobic glass because it is a technical term used by experts. However, everyone knows what self-cleaning glass is, which is a common name for hydrophobic glass. That said, there are two types of hydrophobic glass based on the method of hydrophobic coating used in them. The first type of hydrophobic glass uses photo catalytic decomposition and the second type of self-cleaning glass is applied with hydrophobic protective coating.

Basically, all glass is same. They contain about 70 to 75 percentage of silicon dioxide. However, there are many types of glass in the market. Each type of glass differs from the other based on its coating. Although they look quite smooth, glass have got very rough surface and it can be only observed microscopically. The surface of glass is subject to contamination from bacteria and different types of deposits. The clarity of the glass is affected over time when it comes into contact with these external factors.

The glass that gets exposed to the external factors such as bacteria, deposit of particles and contamination from bacteria cannot be cleaned. Experts believe that this is because of the natural roughness of the glass. This fundamental drawback of the glass is addressed by way of coating. Essentially, various types of glass coatings, say hydrophobic coating, hydrophilic coating, etc., are applied to the glass to prevent it from getting exposed to external factors and thereby lose the clarity.

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Hydrophobic Glass Price

Differences between hydrophobic coating and hydrophilic coating

When talked about hydrophobic glass, it is quite essential to identify in what ways these are differentiated from hydrophilic glass. In many scenarios, both hydrophilic and hydrophobic glass types are called self-cleaning glass. However, the glass with hydrophobic coating has got a lotus effect.

The reason is that this glass exhibits the same level of water repellency that the leaves of lotus flower or the leaves of colossi have. For this very reason, these types of glass are used as a shield for increased water repellency. The coating enables them to cleanse the dirt particles.

Self-cleaning glass are used for numerous purposes. They are used in many electronic gadgets because of their increased efficiency for water repellency. Get in touch with our experts to know more about the various applications of hydrophobic glass.

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